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SLIP Lifter

The STREICHER SLIP Lifter is an approved STREICHER product which is already successfully field proven and implemented in many drilling rigs. It is designed to accomodate rotary slips of all major manufacturers.
The STREICHER SLIP Lifter can optionally be delivered with an automatic lubrication system for rotary slips.

Advantages of using a Power Slip Lifter:

  • Hands-Off Technology guarantees the best possible safety - avoids injuries, less conctact with chemical products
  • Manual pull out of rotary slips is not required
  • Reduction of wear and tear on rotary slips due to optimal lubrication of slips
  • Optimised workflow due to lubrication of slips simultaneously with other operations
  • Cost savings due to optimal dosage of lubricants

Main Features:

  • Pneumatic or hydraulic driven
  • For drill pipe range between 2 3/8” and 6 5/8
  • Suitable for 23", 27 ½” and 37 ½” master bushings (with 25 ¾" driving pins)
  • Power slip lubrication system consisting of four adjustable lubrication nozzles and one pneumatic driven feed pump
  • ATEX and CE approved